Smoke Effect in Photoshop

7-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop Hi, I m pasindu from psdsquare. In this tutorial, you can learn how to make the smoke effect in photoshop. There are many ways to do this, however, I found that the way shown in this tutorial is relatively quick and effective.

How to Create Smoke Effect

Click on brush tool and make sure white is your foreground color. The opacity should be about 50% in your brush presets check shape dynamics, airbrush and smoothing. I'm using the 40-pixel brush. 1-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop Create a new layer by clicking on the new layer button and retitle this "smoke". Start brushing and wavy lines. 2-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop I found that using a few different size brushes that overlap each other work very well. I'm using a different combination of brush strokes that I did earlier. You may have to try it a few times before you find the right combination. It looks terrible now but in the end, it looks like the smoke image you saw at the beginning of this tutorial. "Press ctrl + t" or "command + t" on a mac to bring up the transform and press on the warp tool. Click on the areas of the warp transform and move them around until it forms the shape of the smoke that you like. 3-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop Press "Enter" or "Return" to accept it. Go to filter > other > maximum. It will immediately start looking more like smoke. I chose 12 pixels in the maximum window but you may find a different amount better suited for your brush strokes. I want to bring the smoke more into the bottom area. I'll call up transform again and click on the warped transform button. 4-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop Add some filters to smoke. First, destruct the smoke layer to accept smart filters. To do this go to Filter > convert for the smart filter. This window will pop up telling that the layer will become a smart object so just press ok. 5-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop Now need to soften up the smoke and add some atmosphere. Go to filter > blur > surface blur. the surface blur window will open I'm using a radius of 85 and a threshold of 81. 6-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop Go to the layers panel and click on the new layer button. Click on the smoke layer while pressing ctrl or command. This will bring up its selection. Then click on the new layer to activate it. Go to filter > render > clouds. Retitle the layer smoke overlay and change the mode from normal to overlay. Change the shape of the smoke a bit. So we're going to call up the transformed by clicking ctrl + t or command + t and then click on the walk transform button. Just manipulate the warp transform to give our smoker shape we like and for finishing touches, you can always add remove or change the filters until you're happy with the result. 7-1 Smoke Effect in Photoshop

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Smoke Effect in Photoshop

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